SWF & FLV Player for Mac

SWF & FLV Player for Mac

SWF & FLV Player for Mac (formerly SWF Movie Player) is a new free SWF player for Mac OS based on Macromedia Flash player which helps you to get the best experience from flash movies.

SWF Movie Player for Mac offers advanced and unique features that allow you to play, rewind, fast-forward and preview SWF files frame-by-frame, and also create and manage playlists, zoom movies in and out, fit to current window size or restore to original one, set playback quality, control Flash security, check SWF comprehensive information and lots more.

SWF & FLV Player for Mac
Free Flash Player for Mac

SWF & FLV Player Features:

SWF & FLV Player for Mac OS X SWF & FLV Player (formerly SWF Movie Player) is a free and smart Flash movie player. It is the only stand-alone application for Mac OS that is able to playback SWF and FLV files with plenty of bonus features. It provides handy movie controls, that let you play, rewind, fast-forward and playback movie files frame-by-frame. Flash animators and FLV movie creators often hide things in single frames. Think you saw something out of the corner of your eye? You probably did. Drag along the playback bar to go frame-by-frame to find out.

SWF & FLV Player will browse any web addresses to discover and save all SWF files it uses. If any SWF file requires external resources (it may open and play other SWF or FLV files, load images, etc) SWF & FLV Player will inform you about it and offer to download all the external resources required as well.

SWF & FLV Player also lets you create and manage playlists - play FLV and SWF files randomly or one by one, repeat one item or the whole playlist, save playlists so you can load your favorite movie collection later. With our SWF & FLV Player you can zoom in the movie to see the specific part of it, fit to current window size or restore to original one. Moreover, you can set playback quality (useful for low-end or heavy-loaded systems), manage Flash security policy, check SWF/FLV file's comprehensive information and lots more.

Created with the simplicity and resource efficiency in mind, SWF & FLV Player provides absolute control of the playback and lets you manage SWF and FLV movies at your fingertips. Packed with plenty of options, it provides clean and intuitive interface which will suite even the most refined taste.


• SWF & FLV Player for Mac enables full playback of FLV movie files.
• Play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and browse through SWF/FLV files.
• Playback movies frame-by-frame.
• Easily integrate SWF & FLV Player to web browser.
• Browse websites for Flash animation.
• Download SWF/FLV files from web-pages.
• Supports 100% of sites with Flash movies.
• Open and play any SWF/FLV file on the web directly.
• Zoom in/out your movie to display a specific part of SWF file.
• SWF/FLV playlists management: shuffle, repeat one item or the whole list.
• Obtain detailed SWF/FLV file information (size, version, frame rate, etc.).
• Restrict access to external resources by utilizing advanced security options.
• Fit into current window and restore the original SWF file size in one click.
• Built-in sound volume control.
• Easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Browsing on-line Flash animation

New SWF & FLV Player provides long-expected and highly demanded feature such as browsing on-line Flash animations at the specified web address; preview, add to playlist and save (in PRO version only) chosen SWF/FLV files as well as get additional information about found Flash files (URL, file size, external resources).

Movie Controls

The Movie Controls contain the whole spectrum of options to load and play SWF movies. In addition to the standard player options (play, pause, etc.) it provides few unique options to zoom in and drag, get complete SWF file information, manage built-in volume control, etc.

SWF & FLV Player for Mac Equalizer

Playing FLV files

FLV is a Flash Video format which is specially designed to deliver multimedia video to broad audience over the Internet. Usually, it is embedded into SWF file or located elsewhere and called by ActionScripts. Alternatively, it may be broadcasted using streaming server. The main advantage FLV files deliver is a compactness of the interactive on-line animation that has video insets (games, presentations, etc). As the result, Flash movie does not need to include the whole movie but load one on demand.

Indeed, you need a special player to be able to view FLV files. SWF & FLV Player is the only player for Mac OS that lets preview and play FLV. The procedure of opening and playing FLV does not differ from the one of SWF: select File -> Open option from the Main Menu and navigate to the file you want to play in a pop-up dialog. Additionally, you may use "Browse URL" option to search, preview and open FLV files at the certain web addresses.

Due to intrinsic differences between SWF and FLV structure, the frame number and total frames values are not applicable for FLV files. Therefore, whenever you play FLV, Movie Controls panel displays the currently played movie time (in seconds) instead.

Similarly, instead of jumping to the specific frame (Movie -> Go to frame for SWF) you may quickly move to the certain time (Movie -> Go to time).


SWF & FLV Player for Mac

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SWF & FLV Player for Mac installation process is very simple and standard. Similar to other applications for Mac OS, you may install this program using disk image. Download the .dmg file. Then unpack and double-click it in Finder in order to mount the file as a disk. Open the mounted disk in Finder and drag-and-drop "SWF & FLV Player" icon into destination folder.

System requirements

System: Mac OS X 10.4 and higher
CPU: Mac Intel or PowerPC processor
RAM: 128 MB memory
Hard Drive: 5 MB initial free disk space

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